HP 970 – Keyboard – backlit – Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz – for HP 15s; Laptop 14s, 15, 15s, 17

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Warranty:12 Months

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Now you can make your keyboard truly yours while enjoying an elevated typing experience. That’s because we’ve included many must-have features like comfortable, quiet, soft return keys, 20+ of which can be programmed with shortcuts, controllable smart backlight, and a long life, rechargeable battery.

  • Customize your keyboard with HPAC and reduce needless keystrokes by programming the 20+ keys with shortcuts for your most used apps. Plus you can customize the backlighting feature by turning it on or off, adjusting light intensity, as well as the sleep mode timer.
  • Multiple connectivity options mean more flexibility. Connect up to 3 devices — two via Bluetooth and one via 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle, and switch between devices using one button. Plus you can easily pair peripherals to a Windows 10 PC in two steps using Microsoft Swift Pair.
  • This keyboard quietly delivers comfortable typing consistency through higher key height, dished finger-shaped keys and soft return technology. Plus customizable smart sensors help adjust backlit keys based on your room lighting condition and turns on the backlight when you approach or off when not in use to save energy.
  • Frequently battery changes are more than frustrating. They can also drain your productivity and who needs that? Problem solved with a battery that’s rechargeable via a simple USB-C connection and lasts up to six months with LEDs turned off.

  • Data and PC Protection
    Feel secure with AES-128 data encryption and a one-button PC lock.
  • Responsibly Made
    Keyboard designed with post-consumer recyclable materials.
  • 1-year limited warranty
    1-year limited warranty includes technical support, diagnostic services, and hardware replacement.

What’s in the Box

  • Dongle
  • Keyboard
  • Quick Set Up guide
  • USB Type-C cable (1.2m)
  • Warranty card

Main Specifications

Product DescriptionHP 970 – keyboard Input Device
Device TypeKeyboard
InterfaceBluetooth, 2.4 GHz
Wireless ReceiverUSB wireless receiver
Keys Qty20
Hot Keys FunctionProgrammable
Numeric KeypadYes
Dimensions (WxDxH)42.97 cm x 11.7 cm x 1.22 cm
Weight670 g
Designed ForHP 15s; Laptop 14s, 15, 15s, 17


Extended Specifications


Device TypeKeyboard
InterfaceBluetooth, 2.4 GHz
Wireless ReceiverUSB wireless receiver
Keys Qty20
Hot Keys FunctionProgrammable
FeaturesNumeric keypad
Width42.97 cm
Depth11.7 cm
Height1.22 cm
Weight670 g

Expansion / Connectivity



Cable Length1.2 m
Included AccessoriesUSB-C charging cable

Software & System Requirements

OS RequiredApple iOS, Windows 10


Installed Qty1

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Width45 cm
Shipping Depth15 cm
Shipping Height3.75 cm
Shipping Weight1 kg

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & SupportLimited warranty – 1 year

Compatibility Information

Designed ForHP Laptop 14s-dq0016ns, 14s-dq0036nf, 14s-dq0057nl, 14s-dq2003nk, 14s-dq2011no, 14s-dq2044nb, 14s-dq2561TU, 14s-dq2930nd, 15s-eq1006nx, 15s-eq1008nf, 15s-eq1032nh, 15s-eq1036ns, 15s-eq1041nh, 15s-eq1140ns, 15s-eq1141ns, 15s-eq1305ng, 15s-eq1355ng, 15s-eq1530au, 15s-eq1559ng, 15s-eq1615nc, 15s-eq2000nz, 15s-eq2001nz, 15s-eq2017ns, 15s-eq2030ns, 15s-eq2031no, 15s-eq2036na, 15s-eq2041nm, 15s-eq2045nb, 15s-eq2049nb, 15s-eq2055nu, 15s-eq2058nb, 15s-eq2063nb, 15s-eq2159ng, 15s-eq2160ng, 15s-eq2174ng, 15s-eq2652ng, 15s-fq0010ns, 15s-fq0060nl, 15s-fq0070nf, 15s-fq0084nf, 15s-fq1135ns, 15s-fq2000, 15s-fq2001no, 15s-fq2002no, 15s-fq2003nv, 15s-fq2008nf, 15s-fq2008nm, 15s-fq2009nu, 15s-fq2010ns, 15s-fq2027ns, 15s-fq2034nb, 15s-fq2060nl, 15s-fq2060ns, 15s-fq2068nl, 15s-fq2068ns, 15s-fq2070ns, 15s-fq2071ns, 15s-fq2080nl, 15s-fq2081nl, 15s-fq2089ns, 15s-fq2094nl, 15s-fq2105nl, 15s-fq2144ns, 15s-fq2153ng, 15s-fq2153ns, 15s-fq2175ng, 15s-fq2226nd, 15s-fq2412nd, 15s-fq2596TU, 15s-fq2600tu, 15s-fq3000nz, 15s-fq3002nb, 15s-fq3002no, 15s-fq3002ny, 15s-fq3005no, 15s-fq3009ns, 15s-fq3025nf, 15s-fq3412ng, 15s-fq3515ng, 15s-fq4009nm, 15s-fq4010nb, 15s-fq4011tu, 15s-fq4020nb, 15s-fq4021ns, 15s-fq4023nl, 15s-fq4023ns, 15s-fq4035no, 15s-fq4044ns, 15s-fq4045ns, 15s-fq4058ns, 15s-fq4154ng, 15s-fq4156ng, 15s-fq4176ng, 15s-fq4454ng, 15s-fq4455ng, 15s-fq5304nz, 15s-fq5504nz, 15s-fq5704nz, 17-cn0009nc, 17-cn0026nq, 17-cn0040na, 17-cn0076nb, 17-cn0334ng, 17-cn0336nf, 17-cn0355ng, 17-cn0413ng, 17-cn0429ng, 17-cn0435nf, 17-cn0448nf, 17-cn0453ng, 17-cn0490nf, 17-cn0509nf, 17-cn0515nf, 17-cn0524na, 17-cn0526nf, 17-cn0527nf, 17-cn0780ng, 17-cn0833nd, 17-cn1005nb, 17-cn1270nd, 17-cp0002nl, 17-cp0002ns, 17-cp0003nl, 17-cp0009na, 17-cp0122nf, 17-cp0153ng, 17-cp0157ng, 17-cp0232ng, 17-cp0255ng, 17-cp0256ng, 17-cp0272ng, 17-cp0293nf, 17-cp0295nf, 17-cp0297nf, 17-cp0437ng, 17-cp0456ng, 17-cp0636ng, 17-cp0658ng, 17-cp0661ng, 17-cp0778ng, 17-cp1424nz

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HP 970 – keyboard Input Device
$235.24 inc GST