Verbatim - 5 x DVD-RW - 4.7GB (120min) 1x - 2x - jewel case

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DVD-RW is the format that is supported by the DVD Forum - with over 200 member companies. Bringing 2x rewritable speed to this popular format will allow users to halve the recording time while still providing the inherent flexibility of rewritable format.
Verbatim's DVD-Rewriteable use a Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL). SERL ensures that noise-free recording can be enjoyed time and time again. With conventional rewriteable media, the recording layer deteriorates with every rewrite, meaning a decrease in quality. With Verbatim rewriteable media however, the recording layer is returned to perfect condition on every erase cycle, leaving a flawless disk for the next recording. SERL also enables this media to enjoy excellent archival stability and high-speed recording. This means users can enjoy perfect, high-speed data storage every time.

Main Specifications
Product Description: Verbatim - DVD-RW x 5 - 4.7 GB - storage media
Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
Features: Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL)
Type: Storage media - DVD-RW
Package Type: Jewel case
Write Speed: 1x (min) - 2x (max)
Media Included Qty: 5
Native Capacity: 4.7 GB
Recording Time: 120min

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Extended Specifications

Type: DVD-RW
Media Included Qty: 5
Max. Write Speed: 2x
Min. Rewrite Speed: 1x

Native Capacity: 4.7 GB
Recording Time: 120min
Features: Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL)

Package Type: Jewel case

Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support: Limited lifetime warranty