OMEN by HP Mindframe Prime Headset - Headset - full size - wired - USB - black - for OMEN by HP 15, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 15, 17; Chromebook 14; Pavilion TP01; Spectre x360

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Main Specifications

Product Description OMEN by HP Mindframe Prime Headset - headset
Product Type Headset - wired - USB
Recommended Use Computer
Connectivity Technology Wired
Microphone Boom
Colour Black
Headphones Form Factor Full size
Sound Effects 7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound
Designed For OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 14, 15, 17, 22, 24, 27; Chromebook 11, 14; Chromebook x360; Desktop M01; ENVY 13, 14, 15, 17, 32, TE01; ENVY x360; Pavilion 14, 15, 24, 27, TP01; Pavilion Gaming 15, 16, 17, TG01; Pavilion x360; Slim S01; Spectre x360; Stream 11

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  • Extended Specifications

  • Audio Output
    Headphones Form Factor Full size
    Connectivity Technology Wired
    Sound Effects 7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound
    Features FrostCap with active earring cooling
    Compatibility Information
    Designed For OMEN 25L by HP GT12-0197c, GT12-0700ng
    OMEN 30L by HP GT13-0775ng, GT13-0846a, GT13-1149no, GT13-1309no, GT13-1319no, GT13-1504nz, GT13-1704nz, GT13-1744nz, GT13-1804nz, GT13-1844nz, GT13-1904nz, GT13-1944nz, GT13-1994nz
    OMEN by HP 15-dh1400ng, 15-en0003ns, 15-en1024no, 15-en1028nf, 15-en1032no, 16-b0380ng, 17-cb1097nr, 17-ck0035nf, 17-ck0053nf
    Victus by HP 16-d0048nf, 16-d0508nz, 16-d0700nz, 16-d0720nz, 16-d0900nz, 16-d0908nz, 16-e0708nz
    HP 14-cf2009nf, 14-dk1097nr, 14-dq2088wm, 14-fq0040nr, 14-fq0070nr, 14s-dq2033nf, 14s-fq0102nf, 15-dw1085nl, 15-dw3025od, 15-ef1086cl, 15-gw0017no, 15s-du2094TU, 15s-eq1157ng, 15s-eq1610nc, 15s-eq2012ny, 15s-eq2732ng, 15s-fq1101ns, 15s-fq2028nf, 15s-fq2030nf, 15s-fq2400nd, 17-by3156ng, 17-by4061cl, 17-ca1021cy, 17-ca1046nf, 17-ca2061nf, 17-ca3175ng, 17-cn0173st, 17-cp0000no, 17-cp0059nf, 22-df0008na, 22-df0138nf, 24-df0080ns, 24-df0134nf, 24-dp1280, 27-dp0021nl, 27-dp0103ng
    HP Chromebook 11a-na0015wm, 11a-na0021nr, 11a-na0502na, 14a-na0030nl, 14a-na0080nr
    HP Chromebook x360 12b-ca0011nf, 14a-ca0005na, 14a-ca0010nr, 14c-cc0700nz, 14c-cc0735nd
    HP Desktop M01-F0033w, M01-F1005nd
    HP ENVY 13-ba1010nr, 15-ep0374ng, 15-ep0385ng, 32-a1003na
    HP ENVY x360 13-ay0505sa, 15-ds1010wm, 15-ed0003ca, 15-ed0503na, 15-ed1178ng
    HP Pavilion 14-dv0008nl, 15-eg0050wm, 15-eh0948nd, 24-k1010ng, 24-k1500nz, 27-d1002ng, 27-d1007ng, 27-d1009ng, TP01-1108ng, TP01-1140, TP01-1155t, TP01-1247c, TP01-2007nf, TP01-2162nd
    HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1167nf, 15-dk1404nf, 15-ec1020nl, 15-ec1103nf, TG01-0040, TG01-0076ns, TG01-0323nf, TG01-1022, TG01-1033na, TG01-1407nf, TG01-1537nf, TG01-1707ng
    HP Pavilion x360 14-dw0158ng, 14-dw0522na, 14-dw1003nf, 14-dw1006nf, 14-dw1007nl, 14-dy0055ng, 14-dy0732ng, 15-er0355ng
    HP Slim S01-pF1011nf
    HP Spectre x360 13-aw2003dx, 13-aw2024na, 14-ea0039no, 15-df1075nr, 15-eb1174ng, 15-eb1775ng
    HP Stream 11-ak0019na, 11-ak0021na, 11-ak0292ng, 11-ak0293ng
    Connector Type Headset (4 PIN USB Type A)
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 25.5 cm
    Shipping Depth 13.5 cm
    Shipping Height 27.6 cm
    Shipping Weight 1.4 kg
    Product Type Headset - wired - USB
    Width 20.2 cm
    Depth 21.7 cm
    Height 9.1 cm
    Weight 530 g
    Colour Black
    Recommended Use Computer
    Type Boom
    Form Factor Headset microphone