Lenovo ThinkSystem - Hard drive - 8TB - hot-swap - 3.5" - SAS 12Gb/s - NL - 7200 rpm - for ThinkAgile MX3330-H Appliance; MX3331-H Certified Node; MX3530-H Hybrid Appliance

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Main Specifications

Product Description Lenovo ThinkSystem - hard drive - 8 TB - SAS 12Gb/s
Form Factor 3.5"
Features Advanced format 512e
Type Hard drive - hot-swap - nearline
Data Transfer Rate 1.2 GBps
Capacity 8 TB
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm
Interface SAS 12Gb/s
Designed For ThinkAgile MX3330-H Appliance 7D19 (3.5"); MX3331-H Certified Node 7D67 (3.5"); MX3530-H Hybrid Appliance 7D6B (3.5"); MX3531-H Hybrid Certified Node 7D66 (3.5"); ThinkAgile VX 1SE Certified Node 7Z58 (3.5"); 1U Certified Node 7Y93; 2U Certified Node (3.5"); ThinkAgile VX2320 Appliance 7Y93 (3.5"); VX2330 Appliance 7Z62 (3.5"); VX3331 7Z62 (3.5"); VX5520 Appliance 7Y94 (3.5"); VX5530 Appliance 7Z63 (3.5"); VX5575 Integrated System 7D43 (3.5"); VX7531 Certified Node 7Z63 (3.5"); VX7575 Integrated System 7D43 (3.5"); VX7576 Certified Node 7D43 (3.5"); ThinkSystem SR250; SR530; SR550; SR570; SR590; SR630; SR630 V2 7Z71; SR645 7D2X; SR650; SR650 V2 7D15, 7Z73; SR665 7D2V, 7D2W; ST250; ST550

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  • Extended Specifications

  • Compatibility Information
    Designed For Lenovo ThinkAgile MX3330-H Appliance 7D19 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile MX3331-H Certified Node 7D67 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile MX3530-H Hybrid Appliance 7D6B (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile MX3531-H Hybrid Certified Node 7D66 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 1SE Certified Node 7Z58 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 1U Certified Node 7Y93
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 2U Certified Node (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX2320 Appliance 7Y93 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX2330 Appliance 7Z62 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX3331 7Z62 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX5520 Appliance 7Y94 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX5530 Appliance 7Z63 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX5575 Integrated System 7D43 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX7531 Certified Node 7Z63 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX7575 Integrated System 7D43 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX7576 Certified Node 7D43 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 V2 7Z71 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 7D2X (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V2 7D15 (3.5"), 7Z73 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 7D2V (3.5"), 7D2W (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 (3.5")
    Lenovo ThinkSystem ST550 (3.5")
    Expansion & Connectivity
    Interfaces 1 x SAS 12 Gb/s
    Compatible Bay 3.5"
    Device Type Hard drive - hot-swap - nearline
    Capacity 8 TB
    Form Factor 3.5"
    Interface SAS 12Gb/s
    Features Advanced format 512e
    Drive Transfer Rate 1.2 GBps (external)
    Spindle Speed 7200 rpm