HP Spectre 700 - Mouse - wireless - Bluetooth - Poseidon blue - for OMEN by HP 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 15; Chromebook 11; Pavilion 15, 27; Slim S01

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Main Specifications

Product Description HP Spectre 700 - mouse - Bluetooth - Poseidon blue
Features Rechargeable battery
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.34 cm x 10.4 cm x 3.58 cm
Weight 100 g
Device Type Mouse
Connectivity Technology Wireless - Bluetooth
Movement Resolution 1200 dpi
Colour Poseidon blue
Designed For OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 24, 27; Chromebook 11, 14; Chromebook x360; Desktop M01; ENVY 13, 14, 15, 32, TE01; ENVY x360; Pavilion 13, 14, 15, 24, 27, TP01; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17, TG01; Pavilion x360; Slim S01; Spectre x360; Stream 11

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  • Compatibility Information
    Designed For OMEN 30L by HP GT13-0846a, GT13-1149no, GT13-1309no, GT13-1319no, GT13-1504nz, GT13-1704nz, GT13-1744nz, GT13-1804nz, GT13-1844nz, GT13-1904nz, GT13-1944nz, GT13-1994nz
    OMEN by HP 15-dh1400ng, 15-ek1376ng, 15-ek1378ng, 15-en1024no, 15-en1028nf, 15-en1032no, 16-b0380ng, 16-c0240nd, 16-c0280nd, 17-cb1097nr, 17-ck0035nf, 17-ck0053nf, 17-ck0420nd, 17-ck0440nd, 17-ck0450nd, 17-ck0490nd
    Victus by HP 16-d0010ca, 16-d0020ca, 16-d0048nf, 16-d0130nd, 16-d0420nd, 16-d0430nd, 16-d0450nd, 16-d0460nd, 16-d0508nz, 16-d0700nz, 16-d0905ng, 16-d0910ng, 16-e0010ca, 16-e0013ns, 16-e0300nd, 16-e0305nd, 16-e0307nd, 16-e0310nd, 16-e0330nd, 16-e0350nd, 16-e0380nd, 16-e0385nd, 16-e0395nd, 16-e0503nz, 16-e0708nz, 16-e0909ng, 16-e0911ng
    HP 14s-dq2033nf, 14s-dq2335ng, 14s-fq1355ng, 14s-fq1357ng, 14s-fq1377ng, 15-gw0017no, 15s-du2094TU, 15s-eq1157ng, 15s-eq1332ng, 15s-eq1375ng, 15s-eq2012ny, 15s-eq2732ng, 15s-fq1158ng, 15s-fq2004nf, 15s-fq2028nf, 15s-fq2030nf, 17-by3156ng, 17-by4375ng, 17-ca3175ng, 17-ca3445ng, 17-cn0173st, 17-cn0175st, 17-cn0479nf, 17-cp0000no, 17-cp0059nf, 21-b0005ng, 21-b0006ng, 22-df0034na, 22-df0138nf, 24-df0134nf, 24-df1270, 27-dp0103ng
    HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr, 14a-na0080nr
    HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0010nr, 14c-cc0700nz, 14c-cc0735nd
    HP Desktop M01-F0026na, M01-F1005nd
    HP ENVY 15-ep0374ng, 15-ep0385ng
    HP ENVY x360 15-ed1178ng
    HP Pavilion 13-bb0007nm, 15-eg0023nm, 15-eg0177ng, 15-eh1017ny, 15-eh1019ny, 15-eh1355ng, 15-eh1357ng, 24-k1010ng, 27-d0703ng, 27-d1002ng, 27-d1007ng, 27-d1009ng, TP01-1108ng, TP01-1140, TP01-1247c, TP01-2007nf, TP01-2162nd
    HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1240ng, 17-cd2002nu, TG01-0323nf, TG01-1021nl, TG01-1032ns, TG01-1033na, TG01-1035nl
    HP Pavilion x360 14-dw0158ng, 14-dw1003nf, 14-dw1006nf, 14-dw1007nl, 14-dy0008nm, 14-dy0014nm, 14-dy0055ng, 14-dy0155ng, 15-er0002nm
    HP Slim S01-aF0015nf, S01-aF1004na, S01-pF1011nf
    HP Spectre x360 13-aw2003dx, 14-ea0039no, 15-eb1174ng
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 19 cm
    Shipping Depth 14 cm
    Shipping Height 7 cm
    Shipping Weight 250 g
    Device Type Mouse
    Width 6.34 cm
    Depth 10.4 cm
    Height 3.58 cm
    Weight 100 g
    Colour Poseidon blue
    Input Device
    Connectivity Technology Wireless
    Interface Bluetooth
    Movement Resolution 1200 dpi
    Features Rechargeable battery
    Included Accessories USB dongle, micro-USB cable