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HP Pavilion 800 - Keyboard and mouse set - wireless - swiss combo white - for OMEN by HP Laptop 16; Victus by HP Laptop 16; HP 27; Laptop 15; Pavilion TP01

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Eye-catching design is as close as your fingertips with a slim wireless keyboard and mouse that pair seamlessly with your devices.

  • Boost efficiency and productivity with an incredible three-zone keyboard with full-size arrow keys and a number pad.
  • Experience the natural comfort of a highly responsive mouse that perfectly complements your HP devices.
  • With a slim, appealing design, this wireless keyboard blends seamlessly into your home.

  • Responsive typing
    Optimized keys for a tactile feel and a responsive, quiet typing experience.
  • Designed for comfort
    Natural contours and shape allow the keyboard to sit in a comfortable position for your wrist and hands.
  • Lights up for increased accuracy
    A caps lock LED indicator that lights up when it's on ensures that your typing is accurate, and your progress is maximized.

Main Specifications

Product Description HP Pavilion 800 - keyboard and mouse set - swiss combo white
Weight 630 g
Device Type Keyboard and mouse set
Input Device Keyboard
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Colour Swiss combo white
Wireless Receiver Nano USB wireless receiver
Designed For OMEN 30L by HP; OMEN by HP Laptop 16; Victus by HP Laptop 15, 16; HP 24, 27; Chromebook 14; Chromebook x360; ENVY Laptop 14, 15, 17; ENVY x360 Laptop; Laptop 14, 15, 17; Pavilion TP01; Pavilion Aero Laptop 13; Pavilion Gaming TG01; Pavilion Laptop 15; Pavilion x360 Laptop; Spectre x360 Laptop
Pointing Device Mouse - wireless
Numeric Keypad Yes

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  • Extended Specifications

  • Battery
    Type AAA type
    Installed Qty 4
    Required Qty 4
    Compatibility Information
    Designed For OMEN 25L by HP GT12-1003nf
    OMEN 30L by HP GT13-1072nl, GT13-1794nz
    OMEN by HP Laptop 16-b0004nl, 16-b0063nf, 16-b1010nl, 16-c0008nl, 16-c0009nl, 16-c0034nl, 16-c0035nl, 16-k0391nd, 16-k0704nz, 16-k0730nz, 16-k0764nz, 16-k0950nz, 17-ck1010nb, 17-ck1020nb, 17-ck1700nz, 17-ck1730nz
    Victus by HP Laptop 15-fa0750nz, 15-fb0020nr, 15-fb0350nd, 15-fb0400nz, 15-fb0882nd, 16-d0153ng, 16-d0156ng, 16-d1015nb, 16-d1023nl, 16-d1750nz, 16-e0020nf, 16-e0020nr, 16-e0044nl, 16-e0058nl, 16-e1004nb, 16-e1400nz
    HP 24-df0209a, 24-df1032ns, 24-df1038nl, 27-cb0002nl
    HP Chromebook 14a-na0049nl, 14a-na0200nr
    HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0097nr
    HP Desktop M01-F2002ng
    HP ENVY Laptop 14-eb0016nl, 15-ep1019ns, 17-ch0121nf, 17-ch1002nq, 17-ch1009nq, 17-ch1011nq, 17-ch1013nq
    HP ENVY x360 Laptop 15-ed1026nw, 15-ed1066nr, 15-eu1010nr
    HP Laptop 14s-dq2402nd, 14s-dq4212nd, 14s-fq0055nl, 14s-fq1305nd, 15-gw0018la, 15s-eq1000nm, 15s-eq1022nk, 15s-eq1126ns, 15s-eq1527AU, 15s-eq2084nl, 15s-eq2088ns, 15s-eq2091ns, 15s-eq2310nd, 15s-eq2325nd, 15s-eq2326nd, 15s-eq2411nd, 15s-eq2458ng, 15s-eq3019nl, 17-cn0026nq, 17-cn0448nf, 17-cn1270nd, 17-cn1426nd, 17-cn1427nd, 17-cn2304nz, 17-cp0122ng, 17-cp0255ng, 17-cp0350nd, 17-cp0351nd, 17-cp0420nd
    HP Pavilion TP01-2220nf, TP01-2233nf, TP01-2755nd, TP01-3000ng, TP01-3002ng, TP01-3004ng, TP01-3007ng, TP01-3008ng, TP01-3009ng
    HP Pavilion Aero Laptop 13-be0003nk, 13-be0005nl, 13-be1010nr, 13-be1430nz, 13-be1650nz
    HP Pavilion Gaming TG01-2108ng, TG01-2136nl, TG01-2569nf, TG01-2573nf, TG01-2575nf
    HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-dk2053nf
    HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eh1003nq, 15-eh1005nk, 15-eh1031nq, 15-eh1042nq, 15-eh1043nf, 15-eh1321nd, 15-eh1360nd, 15-eh1362nd, 15-eh1435nd, 15-eh1436nd
    HP Pavilion Plus Laptop 14-eh0015st
    HP Pavilion x360 Laptop 14-dy0841nd, 14-dy1000TU, 15-er1010nr, 15-er1524nz
    HP Spectre x360 Laptop 13-aw2000nk, 14-ea1005nl, 14-ea1010nn, 16-f0035nn, 16-f1710nz, 16-f1740nz
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 4 cm
    Shipping Depth 19.2 cm
    Shipping Height 44.4 cm
    Shipping Weight 840 g
    Device Type Keyboard and mouse set
    Wireless Receiver Nano USB wireless receiver
    Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Keyboard: 41 cm x 11.4 cm x 1.87 cm
    Mouse: 6.48 cm x 11.93 cm x 3.15 cm
    Input Device
    Type Keyboard - wireless
    Features Numeric keypad
    Weight 630 g
    Colour Swiss combo white
    Pointing Device
    Type Mouse - wireless
    Batteries: 2
    Supported Battery Type AAA x 2
    Software & System Requirements
    OS Required Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10