HP Spectre 700 - Mouse - wireless - Bluetooth - luxe copper - for HP 15, 17; ENVY x360; Pavilion 15; Pavilion Aero 13; Spectre x360; Stream 14

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This wireless, rechargeable mouse is packed with technology that helps you be more productive. Plus, its exquisite design makes it the perfect match to your HP Spectre laptop.

  • Ingenious easy-switch technology lets you pair your mouse with up to 4 compatible devices—easily switch between them.
  • Rest easy with an HP standard one-year limited warranty.
  • Stay productive with a battery that lasts up to 11 weeks on a single charge.
  • With 1,200 dpi, the laser sensor provides superb accuracy and precision—on almost every surface.

  • Ingenious 4-way scrolling
    Lets you scroll not just up and down, but from side to side for more efficient scrolling and lightning-fast navigation.
  • Sophisticated design to match your Spectre laptop
    Exquisitely crafted, this sleek, sophisticated mouse is the prefect match for your Spectre laptop.
  • Customizable cursor speed
    Select between 1,600, 1,200, and 800 dpi to adjust your cursor control and tracking speed.
  • Quick and easy charge
    Indicator light alerts you when battery is low. Recharge quickly with micro-USB cable while you work.

Main Specifications

Product Description HP Spectre 700 - mouse - Bluetooth - luxe copper
Features Rechargeable battery
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.34 cm x 10.4 cm x 3.58 cm
Weight 100 g
OS Required Apple MacOS, Windows 8
Device Type Mouse
Connectivity Technology Wireless - Bluetooth
Movement Resolution 1200 dpi
Colour Luxe copper
Designed For OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 24, 27; Chromebook 11, 14; Chromebook x360; ENVY 14, 15, 17; ENVY x360; Pavilion 13, 14, 15, 24, 27, TP01; Pavilion Aero 13; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17, TG01; Pavilion x360; Slim S01; Spectre x360; Stream 11, 14

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  • Extended Specifications

  • Battery
    Run Time (Up To) 77 days
    Compatibility Information
    Designed For OMEN 25L by HP GT11-0484nf
    OMEN by HP 15-en1017nf, 16-b0000nq, 16-b0004nq, 16-b0005nf, 16-b0005nq, 16-b0007nq, 16-b0008nq, 16-b0010nq, 16-b0011nq, 16-b0027nf, 16-b0232nw, 16-b0242nw, 16-b0252nw, 16-c0001nq, 16-c0002nq, 16-c0007nq, 16-c0008nq, 16-c0009nq, 16-c0012nq, 16-c0013nq, 16-c0014nq, 16-c0100nd, 16-c0120nd, 16-c0132nw, 16-c0142nw, 16-c0260nd, 17-ck0000nq, 17-ck0001nq, 17-ck0002nq, 17-ck0003nf, 17-ck0008nq, 17-ck0010nq, 17-ck0222nw, 17-ck0252nw, 17-ck0750nz
    Victus by HP 16-d0000nq, 16-d0001nq, 16-d0004nq, 16-d0013nq, 16-d0019nq, 16-d0022nq, 16-d0023nq, 16-d0025nq, 16-d0031nq, 16-d0038nq, 16-d0039nq, 16-d0040nq, 16-d0044nq, 16-d0195nf, 16-d0206nf, 16-d0298nf, 16-d0304nf, 16-e0166ng
    HP 14s-dq2032nf, 14s-fq1212nw, 15-dw3022nq, 15-dy2056ms, 15-dy2078nr, 15s-eq1018ns, 15s-eq1040no, 15s-eq2007nq, 15s-eq2009nq, 15s-eq2019nq, 15s-eq2023nq, 15s-eq2034nq, 15s-eq2232nw, 15s-eq2252nw, 15s-eq2262nw, 15s-eq2272nw, 15s-fq2004nq, 15s-fq2086ns, 15s-fq2222nw, 15s-fq3004nq, 15s-fq3018nq, 17-cn0001nq, 17-cn0012nq, 17-cn0028nq, 17-cn0029nq, 17-cn0461nf, 17-cp0003nq, 17-cp0274nf, 21-b0024, 22-df0129nf, 24-df0131nf
    HP Chromebook 14a-na0007tu, 14a-na0211nd, 14a-na0221nd, 14a-na0231nd
    HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0001na, 14a-ca0057nf, 14a-ca0260nd, 14c-cc0002nf
    HP ENVY 17-ch0017nn, 17-ch0022nn, 17-ch0024nn
    HP ENVY x360 13-bd0001nn, 13-bd0038nn, 13-bd0080ng
    HP Pavilion 13-bb0015nf, 14-dv0073nq, 14-dv0086nq, 14-ec0036nq, 14-ec0102nw, 15-eg0009nf, 15-eg0012ns, 15-eg0028nq, 15-eg0036nf, 15-eg0036nq, 15-eg0312nw, 15-eh0002nf, 15-eh0025nf, 15-eh1023nq, 24-k1045nf, 27-d1105nf, 27-d1207nf, TP01-1058nf
    HP Pavilion Aero 13-be0007nq, 13-be0008nq, 13-be0014nq, 13-be0022nq
    HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2031nq, 15-dk2050nq, 15-dk2222nw, 15-ec2242nw, 17-cd2012nq, 17-cd2014nq, TG01-1018ns, TG01-1808nf, TG01-2536nf
    HP Slim S01-aF0066nf
    HP Spectre x360 13-aw2011nn, 13-aw2024nn, 13-aw2047nn, 13-aw2048nn, 15-eb1001nn
    HP Stream 14-cb187nr
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 19 cm
    Shipping Depth 14 cm
    Shipping Height 7 cm
    Shipping Weight 250 g
    Device Type Mouse
    Width 6.34 cm
    Depth 10.4 cm
    Height 3.58 cm
    Weight 100 g
    Colour Luxe copper
    Input Device
    Connectivity Technology Wireless
    Interface Bluetooth
    Movement Resolution 1200 dpi
    Features Rechargeable battery
    Included Accessories USB dongle, micro-USB cable
    Software / System Requirements
    OS Required Apple MacOS, Windows 8