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HP 230 - Keyboard and mouse set - wireless - 2.4 GHz - white - for HP 14, 14s, 15, 15s, 17; ENVY 17m; ENVY x360

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  • Warranty:12 Months


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Main Specifications

Product Description HP 230 - keyboard and mouse set - white
Device Type Keyboard and mouse set
Input Device Keyboard
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Colour White
Interface 2.4 GHz
Wireless Receiver USB wireless receiver
Designed For HP 14, 14s, 15, 15s, 17; ENVY 17m; ENVY x360
Pointing Device Mouse - wireless
Numeric Keypad Yes

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  • Compatibility Information
    Designed For HP 14-dq2010ca, 14-fq0032od, 14-fq0060ca, 14-fq0060nr, 14-fq1030ca, 14s-dq0035nf, 14s-dq0038nl, 14s-dq2000ns, 14s-dq2002nl, 14s-dq2005nh, 14s-dq2018nh, 14s-dq2019nh, 14s-dq2020nh, 14s-dq2401nd, 14s-dq2998nb, 14s-fq0029AU, 14s-fq0031nl, 14s-fq0038nh, 14s-fq0041nh, 14s-fq0043nh, 14s-fq0098nf, 14s-fq0114nf, 14s-fq0127nf, 14s-fq0700ng, 14s-fq1456ng, 15-dw1014nh, 15-dw1015nh, 15-dw1016nh, 15-dw1017nh, 15-dw1073nf, 15-dw2441ng, 15-dw3017no, 15-dw3031cl, 15-dw3035nq, 15-dw3053nq, 15-dw3363st, 15-dw3365st, 15-dy2035ms, 15-dy2045nr, 15-ef1013dx, 15s-eq1023ns, 15s-eq1033ns, 15s-eq1035ns, 15s-eq1042nh, 15s-eq1043nh, 15s-eq1046nh, 15s-eq1047nh, 15s-eq1050nh, 15s-eq1059nh, 15s-eq1095nf, 15s-eq1099nf, 15s-eq1110nf, 15s-eq1156ng, 15s-eq2000nh, 15s-eq2007nh, 15s-eq2011nh, 15s-eq2016nh, 15s-eq2023nf, 15s-eq2038AU, 15s-eq2146ng, 15s-eq2155ng, 15s-eq2157ng, 15s-eq2455ng, 15s-eq2632ng, 15s-eq2634ng, 15s-eq2659ng, 15s-eq2679ng, 15s-fq0072nf, 15s-fq1142ns, 15s-fq2008nh, 15s-fq2008ns, 15s-fq2009nh, 15s-fq2012nh, 15s-fq2013nh, 15s-fq2023nh, 15s-fq2024na, 15s-fq2026nh, 15s-fq2028nh, 15s-fq2029nh, 15s-fq2030nh, 15s-fq2031nh, 15s-fq2147ng, 15s-fq2155ng, 15s-fq2402nd, 15s-fq2403nd, 15s-fq3000nh, 15s-fq3001nh, 15s-fq3002nh, 15s-fq3003nh, 15s-fq3612ng, 17-cn0001nh, 17-cn0003nh, 17-cn0005nh, 17-cn0005nl, 17-cn0006nh, 17-cn0007nh, 17-cn0135ng, 17-cn0145ng, 17-cn0154ng, 17-cn0155ng, 17-cn0168ng, 17-cn0176ng, 17-cn0268st, 17-cn0273st, 17-cn0275st, 17-cn0301nf, 17-cn0349nf, 17-cn0354nf, 17-cn0411nd, 17-cn0424ng, 17-cn0434ng, 17-cn0456nf, 17-cn0476ng, 17-cn0477nf, 17-cn0511nf, 17-cn0622ng, 17-cn0667ng, 17-cn0685ng, 17-cn0993nb, 17-cp0005nh, 17-cp0006nh, 17-cp0076nf, 17-cp0202ng, 17-cp0273nf, 17-cp0423ng, 17-cp0433ng, 17-cp0447ng, 17-cp0452ng, 17-cp0457ng, 17-cp0478ng, 17-cp0635ng, 17-cp0678ng
    HP ENVY 17m-ch0013dx
    HP ENVY x360 15-es0156ng, 15-eu0005na, 15-eu0154ng
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 45.6 cm
    Shipping Depth 22 cm
    Shipping Height 4.4 cm
    Shipping Weight 840 g
    Device Type Keyboard and mouse set
    Interface 2.4 GHz
    Max Operating Distance Up to 10 m
    Wireless Receiver USB wireless receiver
    Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight Keyboard: 44 cm x 14.62 cm x 2.76 cm / 500 g
    Mouse: 11.5 cm x 6.33 cm x 3.62 cm / 60 g
    Input Device
    Type Keyboard - wireless
    Features Numeric keypad
    Colour White
    Pointing Device
    Type Mouse - wireless
    Movement Resolution 1600 dpi
    Software & System Requirements
    OS Required Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Apple MacOS 10.11 or later