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HP 220 Silent - Mouse - wireless - 2.4 GHz - black - for HP 14, 15, 17; ENVY 13, TE01; Pavilion Gaming 15, 17; Pavilion x360; Spectre x360

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  • Warranty:2 Years


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Hit the road with a silent wireless mouse that looks as good as it feels, keeps you connected, and packs lasting power. Guaranteed by HP.

  • Click away your worries with an HP standard two-year limited warranty.
  • Cut the cord and click in to a long range 2.4 GHz wireless connection.
  • Get that same click feel without the sound. It’s perfect to use in any space.
  • Take charge of your mouse all day, every day for up to 15 months beautiful battery life.

  • Looks good, feels good
    ontour comfort fits either hand like a glove. All day, every day.
  • Secret USB compartment
    Nano USB receiver slips sleekly inside the mouse for mobile storage.
  • Scroll with it
    Left click, right click, or center click on the dual-function scroll wheel.
  • Grip it & click it
    Textured sides provide added control so you can get a grip on whatever you're clicking.
  • Pack light & carry on
    mouse is packed, compact, and ready to travel.

Main Specifications

Product Description HP 220 Silent - mouse - 2.4 GHz - black
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.7 cm x 9.48 cm x 3.91 cm
Weight 80 g
Device Type Mouse
Battery AA type
Connectivity Technology Wireless - 2.4 GHz
Colour Black
Designed For OMEN 25L by HP; 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 16, 17; Victus by HP 16; HP 14, 15, 17, 22, 24; Chromebook 14; Chromebook x360; ENVY 13, 14, 15, 17, TE01; ENVY x360; Pavilion 13, 14, 15, 24, 27; Pavilion Aero 13; Pavilion Gaming 15, 16, 17, TG01; Pavilion x360; Slim S01; Spectre x360; Stream 11
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  • Documents
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  • Extended Specifications

  • Battery
    Type AA type
    Run Time (Up To) 15 months
    Compatibility Information
    Designed For OMEN 30L by HP GT13-1008nn, GT13-1012nn
    OMEN by HP 15-ek1000nh, 15-ek1002nh, 15-en0400ng, 15-en0471ng, 15-en1000nh, 15-en1001nh, 15-en1666nb, 16-b0090ng
    HP 14-dk1022nf, 14-dq2010ca, 14-fq0060ca, 14-fq0060nr, 14-fq1030ca, 14s-dq0035nf, 14s-dq0038nl, 14s-dq2005nh, 14s-dq2018nh, 14s-dq2019nh, 14s-dq2020nh, 14s-dq2998nb, 14s-fq0038nh, 14s-fq0041nh, 14s-fq0043nh, 14s-fq0127nf, 14s-fq1456ng, 15-dw1014nh, 15-dw1015nh, 15-dw1016nh, 15-dw1017nh, 15-dw2441ng, 15s-eq1023ns, 15s-eq1033ns, 15s-eq1042nh, 15s-eq1043nh, 15s-eq1046nh, 15s-eq1047nh, 15s-eq1050nh, 15s-eq1059nh, 15s-eq1095nf, 15s-eq1110nf, 15s-eq1156ng, 15s-eq2000nh, 15s-eq2007nh, 15s-eq2011nh, 15s-eq2016nh, 15s-eq2455ng, 15s-eq2634ng, 15s-fq2008nh, 15s-fq2008ns, 15s-fq2009nh, 15s-fq2012nh, 15s-fq2013nh, 15s-fq2023nh, 15s-fq2026nh, 15s-fq2028nh, 15s-fq2029nh, 15s-fq2030nh, 15s-fq2031nh, 15s-fq3000nh, 15s-fq3001nh, 15s-fq3002nh, 15s-fq3003nh, 17-by3024nm, 17-cn0001nh, 17-cn0003nh, 17-cn0005nh, 17-cn0005nl, 17-cn0006nh, 17-cn0007nh, 17-cn0170nd, 17-cn0176ng, 17-cn0349nf, 17-cn0424ng, 17-cn0476ng, 17-cn0993nb, 17-cp0005nh, 17-cp0006nh, 17-cp0053nf, 17-cp0072nf, 17-cp0202ng, 17-cp0273nf, 17-cp0423ng, 17-cp0433ng, 17-cp0447ng, 17-cp0452ng, 17-cp0457ng, 17-cp0478ng, 22-df0017ns, 22-df0024ns, 24-df0091nf
    HP Chromebook 14b-na0011nl
    HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0020nr, 14b-cb0430ng, 14c-cc0455ng
    HP ENVY 13-ba1025od, 13-ba1040ca, 13-ba1178ng, 15-ep1098ng, 17-cg1171ng, 17-ch0012nb, TE01-2101ng
    HP ENVY x360 13-ay0754ng
    HP Pavilion 24-k0039nl, 27-d0030ns, 27-d1000nn, 27-d1996nz
    HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk2076ng, 15-dk2175nd, 15-dk2250nd, 15-ec1018nl, 15-ec2121nd, 15-ec2130nd, 15-ec2315nd, 15-ec2320nd, 15-ec2477ng, 16-a0044nl, 16-a0049nl, 16-a0353ng, 17-cd2350nd, 17-cd2440nd, 17-cd2460nd, 17-cd2490nd, TG01-1058ns
    HP Pavilion x360 14-dw0008nm, 14-dy0021ns, 15-er0020ca
    HP Slim S01-aF0016nl
    HP Spectre x360 13-aw2004nr, 13-aw2007nh, 13-aw2009nb, 15-eb1004nl, 15-eb1010nb
    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
    Shipping Width 19.8 cm
    Shipping Depth 13.9 cm
    Shipping Height 5.3 cm
    Shipping Weight 150 g
    Expansion / Connectivity
    Interfaces 1 x USB
    Device Type Mouse
    Width 5.7 cm
    Depth 9.48 cm
    Height 3.91 cm
    Weight 80 g
    Colour Black
    Image Colour Disclaimer The displayed product image may be a different colour
    Input Device
    Connectivity Technology Wireless
    Interface 2.4 GHz
    Included Accessories 1 AA battery, R.E.D. RTF card