Fractal Design Venturi Series - Case fan - 120mm - black

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The Venturi High Flow series fans are optimized for low-restriction airflow environments, making them an excellent choice for computer case fans, or other low-restriction usage scenarios. Designed with a variety of performance-increasing and noise-reducing features, these fans can move an amazing amount of air compared to other fans at the same, minimal noise level. The Venturi High Flow series fans are ideal for those looking for a perfect balance between high performance and low noise built from sturdy, high quality materials.

  • Silent operation coupled with a long lifespan
  • Equipped with a counter-balancing magnet
  • Dense, sturdy construction
  • Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts
  • Delivers high precision
  • Featuring a powerful motor to maintain a reliable speed

  • Airflow with trip wire
    Trip wire technology, commonly found on airplane wing designs, introduces a micro-turbulent layer that helps to combat the elements that negatively affect performance. By the time the air reaches the end of the blade, the turbulent area will be smaller than without the presence of a trip wire, giving a quieter and more efficient environment.
  • Airflow with optimized wing profile
    A wide rounded front and pointed narrow rear shape allows clean, smooth cut through the air resulting in efficient airflow and minimal turbulence. Stator struts are angled perpendicular to the blades, helping to reduce noise commonly emitted when the blades pass the struts.
  • Quiet operation
    Screws only pass through rubber, not through plastic, therefore eliminating the prospect of noise derived from rattling when in use.

Main Specifications

Product Description Fractal Design Venturi Series case fan
Product Type Case fan
Colour Black
Package Content 4 screws
Fan Diameter 120 mm

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  • General
    Product Type Case fan
    Package Content 4 screws
    Colour Black
    Heatsink & Fan
    Fan Diameter 120 mm