About Us

Paradigm PCs is a family owned business, founded in 1998.
Our aim was then, and still is now, to provide you with the best computer hardware and technology at competitive prices with super-fast delivery and without compromising customer service & support.

We put our customers first!

We strive to give our customers the best value for money and service possible. Ask anyone who has dealt with us! We stick to our principles of honesty and integrity with a no-nonsense common sense attitude!

We want to impress you!

Paradigm PCs work hard to make every sale go as smoothly as possible. Some customers ask if we can match our competitors prices and normally we can – you only have to ask. We feel our prices are already some of the sharpest around but sometimes its not just about how cheap a product is but the level of service and support that is also a part of the whole sale. We wont sell at a loss just to secure a sale. We are determined to be around for a very long time unlike some stores who have already collapsed or disappeared and left their customers high ‘n’ dry.

Our business model is simple and efficient! Similar to the likes of Airbnb who don’t own the places they let, or Uber who don’t own the taxi cabs – Paradigm PCs doesn’t carry stock! Yet, we can get your order to you faster than almost any other online store in NZ. The stock we list as available is available and ready for shipping the same day directly from our NZ suppliers (disclaimer time!.. dependant on courier collection times).

Why buy from us?

– Since our stock is direct to you from the NZ supplier, you will get product that hasn’t seen time on the shelves of a retail shop, collecting dust or dirty fingerprints.
– The product is most likely the latest batch from the manufacturer.
– The product is brand new and unopened. We do not sell second-hand products unless specifically stated.
– It wont be a parallel import with a dodgy warranty, or foreign packaging etc
– Fast free standard courier delivery on most items means most orders are delivered the next business day.
– Easy returns. Did you order it in error? As long as it isn’t software or hasn’t been opened or damaged then we can take it back (conditions apply)
– Faulty goods are handled promptly and efficiently.
– Because we don’t parallel import, our distributors here in New Zealand have us covered. Should anything ever happen to us, your product will still be supported by the NZ Distributor.
– Communication is fast and simple. Got an issue or need something… flick us an email, or hit us up on the live chat below.
– Extensive range of products. We have hundreds of thousands of items available to us. In fact, there’s too many to list.
– Need help or advice, just ask. We have tonnes of experience with PCs and gadgets and access to product managers/specialists who can assist when we cant.
– We have been in business over 20 years. Customers keep returning because we are well trusted, easy to deal with and there’s no nonsense!

Why not to buy from us!

– If you prefer the retail shop experience where you can look at and play with all the products.
– If you don’t mind a salesperson pressuring you into accepting an extended warranty or overselling something you don’t really need.
– If you don’t have a clue about the product you want and would prefer to hear someone tell you their product is the best.
– If you don’t mind older product that has potentially been opened, returned or used.

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