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Thermal Paste

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Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive
- Thermal paste
- (p/n: ASTA-7G)
12 Months $33

Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound
- Thermal paste
- (p/n: AS5-12G)
n/a $40

Arctic Silver ArctiClean 1 & 2
- Cleaning kit
- (p/n: ACN-60ML)
n/a $22

Artic Silver 5
- Thermal paste
- (p/n: THP-AS)
12 Months $22

Arctic Alumina Premium Ceramic Thermal Adhesive
- Thermal adhesive
- (p/n: AATA-5G)
n/a $25

Cooler Master MasterGel Pro MGY-OSSG-N15M-R1
- Thermal paste
- grey
- (p/n: MGY-OSSG-N15M-R1)
12 Months $16

Cooler Master MasterGel MGX-ZOSW-N15M-R1
- Thermal paste
- white
- (p/n: MGX-ZOSW-N15M-R1)
12 Months $12

Deepcool Z9
- Thermal paste
- silver grey
- (p/n: TNP08350)
12 Months $21

Deepcool Z3
- Thermal paste
- silver grey
- (p/n: Z3)
n/a $16

Deepcool Z5
- Thermal paste
- silver grey
- (p/n: Z5)
n/a $13

Deepcool Z3
- Thermal paste
- silver grey
- (p/n: THP-Z3)
12 Months $11

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